CapShields provides instant protection when distancing is necessary but cannot be maintained.

CapShields is a game changer for anyone who needs instant protection from easily spread germs.

With a simple clip, the face shield easily attaches to the bill of most baseball caps and prevents droplets and aerosol from depositing on the user’s face.

Easy To Use

CapShields consists of a plastic molded visor clip that attaches directly to the front of any cap bill. The clip attaches the clear plastic face shield.

Cost Effective

Capshields are added to any existing baseball cap eliminating the need for an adjustable headband with a foam barrier which makes typical face shields more costly.

Better Protection

Provides full-face coverage for maximum protection.

Made in the usa

CapShields are sold unassembled and in a sealed plastic bag along with an instruction card. This provides for a flat package that can be easily shipped singularly or in multiples.

"CapShields provide an instant level of personal protection"

With so many people wearing baseball caps, CapShields are a natural solution to use as protective headgear. 

CapShields have been created to provide an increased level of personal protection from droplets and aerosol type spray. It is designed to use with a standard baseball cap as the headgear. The cap and the brim are integral to the spray protection. CapShields do not include a baseball cap.

Marketing & Instructions

To learn more about CapShields and our full set of instructions, download our sales sheet.